Business Continuity Made Easy

Mini Plan for Risk Mitigation

Every business, regardless of its budget, needs to be in compliance with privacy laws and should have a viable business continuity plan.

Even though we offer an all-inclusive package delivered at a flat rate, some of you may not have the budget for that.

Use these steps as a starting point and your business will be better protected at a very low cost

  1. Store all paper records with a data records management company like DataSafe. This reduces your exposure to privacy law violations and protects them from being damaged by a fire or flood as well as from being stolen.
  2. Create Acronis disk backup of all PCs on an external hard drive and store it at DataSafe in one of the boxes. Refresh this backup every 6 months. This lets you restore your systems to the exact condition as they are today.
  3. Setup continuous backup of all PCs with Backblaze or one of its recommended competitors. Backblaze requires zero configuration.
  4. Create a comprehensive disaster survival manual and test restoring using just that manual and your external hard drive stored at DataSafe every 6 months.

All of this can be accomplished at a very low cost and dramatically increase your chances of surviving major disasters and hard drive crashes.

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